gigaSPG KK incorporated

TOKYO, 29 January 2016 – Today gigaSPG KK, a Japanese Solar Plant IPP, was established and incorporated at the company registration office in Tokyo, Japan. The company is a joint venture between Eco Life Engineering KK and NEXPV KK. Since 2013 NEXPV KK and Eco Life Engineering KK have been working closely together. The two companies have developed, constructed and sold several solar power plants to Japanese investors. This successful partnership resulted in the establishment of this joint venture today.

Eco Life Engineering KK ( )

Eco Life Engineering KK is a Japanese EPC company with 14 years of experience in the design, installation and O&M of Solar PV Systems of utility scale and commercial and residential size systems. NEXPV KK is a Japanese company incorporated in 1999 and since 2011 active in the field of solar plant engineering and consultancy and solar plant development. The joint venture of these two privately owned companies combines the practical knowledge of solar plant design and construction and the extensive research of cost efficient GW size solar plants.


NEXPV KK has been incorporated in Japan since 1999. At that time the company was named Global Bookings Connection Japan KK (GBCJ KK) and was the exclusive Japanese partner of the Dutch company, now by far the largest worldwide online hotel reservation company. After successfully developing the business in Japan for many years, the company changed course. In 2011 it changed its name to NEXPV KK and became active in the field of Solar Plant development and investment and Solar Plant Engineering & Consultancy. The company has a strong focus on the Research & Development of the NEXT Generation of Low Cost Large Scale PV Power Generators.

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