The Ibaraki 670 KWp Solar Plant successfully grid connected

TOKYO, 30 July 2016 – Eco Life Engineering K.K., the Japanese EPC partner of gigaSPG, successfully constructed- and grid connected the second Solar Plant of gigaSPG with a size of 670 KWp in Ibaraki Prefecture.

This project has an 32 yen/ Kwh, 20 year Power Purchase Agreement with TEPCO. The Solar plant consists of Trina Solar Modules and a SOLARSPEC Mega Solar Power System delivered by Wave Energy K.K. with 630 KW AC TMEIC Inverter, 6.6KV transformer and switchgear.

gigaSPG K.K. ( )

gigaSPG is a Japanese Independent Power Producer (IPP) that develops, constructs, owns, sells and operates utility-scale solar power generation plants. gigaSPG stands for giga Solar Power Generator and refers to the next generation of Solar Power Plants with the size beyond the Mega Solar scale. The company is a Joint Venture company of both the EPC Eco Life Engineering KK and NEXPV KK.

The target of gigaSPG is to develop and construct the first gigawatt (GW) scale Solar Power Generators within 5 years. The levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of these gigawatt scale generators is targeted to be less than coal powered electricity generation.

ibaraki 673 KW

gigaSPG`s 670 KWp Solar Plant in Ibaraki successfully constructed- and grid connected according schedule.

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